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FANG Stocks just took out Friday's flash-crash lows... And when those indexes go down, they take 496 other stocks down because the indexes are sold. Hordes of metrosexual anxiety attacks, frenzied i Phone tapping, searching out safe spaces & Ativan...

This is the biggest 2-day drop for FANG stock since Feb 2016 - just as the world saw a global recession hitting and central banks started coordinated money-printing to save the world. Good times be comin' I tell ya ---- With the tech stocks being such a big builder of the market this year this could have a larger effect. He has been actually call for a drop around this time lately, and then stuff like this is happening.

Thus, American Psycho is justified because it criticizes and inspires resistance to patriarchy, capitalism, consumerism, and, presumably, Ronald Reagan. Write your essay or column, furrow your brow about whether Ellis has the right to even use his white male privilege to portray the culture even for even satirical purposes, collect your good grade and/or critical praise for your analysis, and call it a day. America is dominated by a rigid egalitarian ideology imposed from above and we already know the “correct” way to interpret any artistic product before we even see it.

The more “radical” or “challenging” it purports to be, the more predictable it seems in truth.

The setting is New York City, sometime in the 1980s.

The vice-presidents of Pierce and Pierce, a Wall Street financial institution, are seated around a table.

The gruesome murders over the course of the film and novel, whether or not they occurred at all, are part of this same pattern of seeking control and status over other people and lashing out in violent rage when it cannot be instantly accomplished.

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Waiters tell customers ridiculously decadent specials like squid ravioli and swordfish meatloaf. I am sure to get in to Vandy and Nova, but would consider UT if recruiting was great, even if a lower tier school.programs say that most of their students have a year or so of work experience some even more. Investors should tighten risk-management strategies to their portfolios. Two types of people, those who cannot get up and walk away from a winning table and those who sit until they lose. You always hear that story of the fish that got away... The train wreckage is causing a bit more havoc for the algos. I went long TQQQ after the bounce off that trend line. I wonder if he trades against his public pronouncements sometimes and with them other times? My sources tell me that PPT received 500 new pallets of freshly printed funny money produced over the weekend. Watch for new all time high by market close (and make sure that if you "win" any of that funny money, that you quickly convert it into a true asset such as land, livestock or PMs while people will still accept it! I expect the FANG stocks and the Nasdaq to have a big selloff. But I don’t want to end my Roundtable career on a bearish note. Sure, they are ready to trash the FANGs, but those have become such a big part of the Indexes that they are taking those down with them. - beginning with FB, GOOG & AAPL, then lighting up all the tinder around them.