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You are only required to use the Delivery Mode and Route number fields if you live in a rural area.

What if I submitted an application form by mail/fax/in person and now want to submit it online - will I get a refund?

The proposed stamp duty for all land registrations in panchayats, municipalities and corporations are 6% of the sale value.

When you buy your Marriage Licence/Registration of Marriage, before signing the oath, please read through the entire form to make certain that all fields completed by the issuer are clearly legible, accurate, and fully completed.

If there are any omissions or errors on the Marriage Licence/Registration of Marriage, Manitoba law determines how, or even if, changes can be made to a permanent legal record and requires payment of fees to do so.

Residents can also apply for a voter registration card.

Veterans applying for an ID card can receive credentials free of charge if they meet the following qualifications: For disability, they will have to provide a letter on their disability status from the US Department of Veterans Affairs or official documents that certify honorable discharge, service-related disability and US compensation.

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